Screenshot AT&T M2X

AT&T M2X ( is a cloud-based service designed to deliver IoT data to its audience in a clear, digestible fashion. SenRa can forward the data collected by devices on its network to corresponding data streams configured on AT&T M2X. After establishing an M2X account, you will need create an M2X device (representative of your IoT device) and then add data stream to it. As part of creating the M2X device, a Device ID and Primary API Key will be generated. The data stream type can be either Numeric or Non-Numeric. For IoT devices whose data supports the Senet Packet Format, either type may be used: SenRa will decode and forward only the first sensor value from the PDU to M2X. If you want M2X to chart the sensor values, select the Numeric stream type. Devices that do not support the Senet Packet Format must use the Non-Numeric stream type: the entire un-decoded PDU will be forwarded to M2X.

Platform Setup

Setting up an M2X stream requires 2 steps in M2X.

  1. Create the device, then click on it (note the Device ID and API KEY) Screenshot
  2. Create the stream.

    Devices that support the Senet Packet Format will send the sensor1 data to M2X.
    If you want to graph the data, set the Stream Type to Numeric. Screenshot

    Devices that do not support the Senet Packet Format will have the PDU forwarded to the M2X platform.

    If your device doesn't support the Senet Packet Format or you don't wish to graph the data then should choose the Non-Numeric Stream Type.

Notifier Setup

When using M2X as the forwarding option for your device, for the Notification Target fields, you will need the M2X API Key, Device ID & Stream ID created in the M2X platform.