Device FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Devices


How do I register a Device?

Please see the Device Registration page.

What does Allocate EUI do?

If a device does not have an OEM assigned EUI, an EUI will need to be programmed into the device.

Users can allocate EUIs for their devices from the SenRa EUI registry. By default, each account is limited to 10 allocated EUIs.

What if my device is not in the Device Type dropdown list?

The Device Type can be left blank.

Why can't I register any more devices?

Users are limited to 10 devices by default. Please contact to increase the maximum devices for an account.

I deleted all of my devices. Why can't I register a new device?

Allocated Device EUIs persist in a User's account. Register a new device with an EUI that has already been allocated.

To view an account's allocated EUIs, open Edit Account Information (See Edit Account Information).

The EUIs will be listed under Allowed Device EUIs.

How do I edit a device?

How do I delete a device?


Although the device is removed from the Dashboard, the Allocated EUIs are not removed from the account. The device data is also not deleted with the device. Just re-register the device EUI and the previous data will be accessible.

What is a Notification Target or Notifier?

Notification Targets are IoT platform providers that provide north-bound data processing and analytic services. Notification Targets are configured at the Device and Application level.

Please see the Data Streaming page for more detailed information on Notification Target configuration.

What is a Notification Error?

Notification Errors can be encountered when forwarding Device uplink data northbound to an IoT platform Application. These error counts are displayed in the Application Dashboard and details about each error can be seen in the Application Events view. The management platform may occasionally report “Error sending message (status code 408) - Error [Request timed out after: x seconds]”. This does not always mean that the back-end Application did not receive the message, only that the management platform has reached a threshold (x seconds) and is no longer going to wait for the response from the back-end Application. Many of these errors, along with Avg. Request Times increasing towards the threshold reported in the timeout, may indicate the back-end Application is unable to process the current load.

Please see the Data Streaming page.

How do I recover or view a device's App key?

In the Edit Device window (See Edit Device), click on the key icon next to the Device EUI field. The App EUI and AppKey will then be displayed below the Device EUI.

The Active API key is ONLY displayed in the SenRa Portal after it has been generated. Once a user leaves the Edit Account Information page, the API Key will not be displayed again. To obtain an active API key, see Implementing the Downlink API.