Gateway Registration

Getting your Gateway connected to the SenRa network is as simple as following the directions below:

1. Register the Gateway through the SenRa Portal.

2. Install SenRa Gateway Software

Skip this step if using the Semtech packet forwarder or Basic Station software. This step is only necessary when installing the SenRa packet forwarder.

See Supported Gateways for specific instructions.

3. Verify Registration

From the Portal Dashboard the Gateway's registration status will change from "Pending Approval" to "Approved" or "Registered" state when final network provisioning has been completed. When the Gateway begins to communicate on the network the extended status will change to “Active” (this may also require a refresh of the browser).

If using the Semtech packet forwarder or Basic Station software, further instructions for configuring the packet forwarder for the SenRa Network will be sent to you via e-mail.

Gateway Communication Ports in Use

Below is a table of ports used by the Gateway to communicate with the SenRa Network. The included domain and port information can be used for whitelisting these communications on a network.

FQDN Port Protocol Direction Usage 443 HTTPS Outbound Gateway Registation 8443 HTTPS Outbound LoRa Messages 22 SSH Outbound Secure Remote Management (OBM) ICMP Outbound Network Administration 80/443 HTTP/HTTPS Outbound Firmware Upgrades
NTP (Time Synch) 123 NTP Outbound Time Synchronization
DNS 53 DNS Outbound Domain Resolution

Gateway Registration Reset

When a Gateway experiences a connection issue, reinstalling the SenRa packet forwarder is a typical first action to remedy the problem. However, this may strand the Gateway, leaving it unable to connect to the network. To streamline this process a Gateway can be placed into a registration-reset state, allowing the Gateway to reconnect after an install / reinstall. Once in this state, connectivity to the network will be available for up to five minutes since the last registration request.

Warning: If this workflow is used for a Gateway currently on the network, it will be disconnected. It is important to ensure a Gateway is attempting re-register before placing it into the registration-reset state.

This workflow can be initiated from the Dashboard's tile view: click the Screenshot Register Reset Button in the Gateway tile view or table view to begin.