Semtech packet forwarder

The SenRa Network supports virtually any LoRa Gateway running the Semtech packet forwarder. This is a great place to start with development and initial integration.


If you have not done so already you will need to register your gateway through your Developer or RAN Provider account. Once registered you will receive an e-mail with an EUI and a copy of the following instructions.


The Semtech Packet Forwarder is configured via a file called global_conf.json and in some instances an additional file called local_conf.json. When provided, the local_conf.json will override the settings in the global_conf.json. The files are written in JSON format.


Each Gateway is assigned a unique EUI. This EUI is supplied by SenRa in the e-mail provided after registration. The EUI must be assigned to the JSON field "Gateway_ID" in the configuration file. The EUI is a JSON string and as such must be enclosed in quotes. The configured EUI should be all upper case and have no delimiters.

Some Gateways are preprovisioned with an EUI at the time of manufacture and cannot be overridden. For these situations please specify this EUI in the "Manufacturer EUI" field during registration. This behavior has been observed with the following Gateways:


To connect to the SenRa network the "server_address" configuration field must be changed to "" and the "serv_port_up" and "serv_port_down" fields should be set to 1700. Note that the "server_address" is a JSON string and as such must be enclosed in quotes; where the 1700 associated with the port_up and port_down is a numeric field and as such NOT enclosed in quotes.


"server_address": "",
"serv_port_up"  : 1700,
"serv_port_down": 1700,

Channel Plan

The channel plan found in the global_conf.json file, including the frequencies used, should NOT be altered from the defaults which Semtech supplies for your region. Please refer to Semtech's guidance associated with your version of the packet forwarder located on git hub:

Completing Configuration

Unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer, the Gateway will need to be restarted once configured.