Tektelic KONA Micro

SenRa Packet Forwarder for Developers


Verify Tektelic's default packet forwarder is not running

ps -eadf |grep -i pkt

If Tektelic's default packet forwarder is found to be running you will see a pkt_forwarder process running as shown in the example below.

If you do not see any processes running skip to the installation steps below.

#ps -eadf |grep -i pkt
root      2429     1  0 17:14 ?        00:00:37 /usr/bin/pkt_forwarder -c /etc/default/config.json -s
root     23729 23692  0 18:19 pts/0    00:00:00 grep -i pkt

Confirm the running forwarder is Tektelic's packet forwarder

opkg list-installed |grep pkt

If the installed forwarder running is Tectelic you will see kona-pkt-forwarder listed in the output.

#opkg list-installed |grep pkt
kona-pkt-forwarder - 4.0.17-r110
kona-pkt-forwarder-config - 4.0.17-r110
kona-pkt-forwarder-dvt-utils - 4.0.17-r110
kona-pkt-forwarder-utils - 4.0.17-r110

Remove the Tektelic packet forwarder

If the installed packet forwarder was confirmed to be Tektelic, remove the forwarder with the following command.

opkg remove kona-pkt-forwarder

Example output.

Removing package kona-pkt-forwarder from root...
Stopping Tektelic Packet Forwarder: Reinitializing monit daemon
 Removing any system startup links for pkt_fwd ...

Verify the default packet forwarder is no longer running

ps -eadf |grep -i pkt

There should no longer be any running packet forwarder processes found.

root     11002 23692  0 19:20 pts/0    00:00:00 grep -i pkt


If you have not done so already you will need to register your gateway through your Developer or RAN Provider account.


The serial number for this device is the 8 digit Product Type (starting with a "T") an underscore "_" followed by the 9 digit serial number which can be found on bottom of the Gateway. e.g. T0001234_123456789


Copy and paste the following command into the Tektelic KONA Micro SSH console.

BSP Version Command
1.2.0 and earlier
dlF=lgwInstaller_02_04_08.sh;dlC=senraco;wget --no-check-certificate http://docs.${dlC}.io/downloads/02_04_08/$dlF -O $dlF && chmod +x $dlF && ./${dlF} -c ${dlC} -t DEV

Run the command. The installation is automatic and will prompt you once it has completed.

Once registration and Gateway software installation are complete the Gateway will be displayed in the SenRa Portal Dashboard with the current registration status (this may require a refresh of the browser).